The Origin of Jewelries

Jewelries have always been a part of our society even back in the times of ancient Egypt. We would see both men and women wearing accessories made of gold and silver. Jewelries and accessories could create character and style to the person wearing them. Over the years, these things have evolved from being a symbol of one’s status in the society to simply being a sign of freedom of expression. Here you will find out more about the origin of jewelries and how they have become a part of the human culture.

JewelriesHistory says that Africa is the place where jewelries originated. People back in those days used beads and shells to create accessories. Archeologists found proofs of these materials at Blombos Cave. This just proves that even back then, the human race really made an effort to make them look good and express themselves through jewelries. Another evidence was found in Africa and this time, it was in Kenya that historians found a 40,000-year-old piece of jewelry that was made out of eggshells from ostriches.

Europe just kind of followed the footsteps of Africa. Remnants of materials used for jewelries were found in Russia about the same age as the one in Kenya. They found a bracelet made out of stone and a ring from marble. It is interesting that those materials were still used by the fashion industry up to this time and age. Moving on, Europeans have then progressed with the way they carry these items as adornments on their bodies. Necklaces and bracelets have been found as well in Europe out of bones and teeth just among the materials that early Europeans have put together.

Using copper as jewelries and accessories came to the picture about 7 thousand years ago. In fact, this can even be seen in a museum in Austria. Historians dug up a grave of a woman who happened to be a jewelry maker. Studies show that during those years, it’s quite a common profession for women to be a worker dealing with fine metals that are later used as jewelries. A lot of people thought that it was a job meant for men, apparently it was women who started with it and it only makes sense since most women if not all are really fond of wearing jewelries up to this day.

Wearing a necklace, a bracelet or earrings are statements of who you are or what you do in the society. Like it or not, there is a significance that jewelries imply whenever someone wears them. But these days, the use of these items was not just boxed to determining someone’s state in a society. There are plenty of reasons why we wear jewelries and one could be the fact that they are functional. Some would use jewelries to have their hair fixed or to make their clothes stay in place. Some would also wear them as a sign of their social status like being married or engaged to someone.